Reykjavik Spirits | Svartur Soprano
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Svartur Soprano

Svartur Soprano Schnapps


FJALLAGRASA SVARTUR SOPRANO is a tasty schnapps flavoured with liquorice. The schnapps contains the same natural raw materials as the popular Soprano throat lozenges and contains, therefore, a number of healthy compounds from Iceland moss that soften the throat and improve digestion.


As the drink’s alcohol content is only 20%, it is not thick but rather fresh and mild in taste.


Iceherbs (Íslensk fjallagrös hf.) manufactures alcoholic beverages from Iceland moss and other natural Icelandic resources under the trademark Natura Islandica. The Natura Islandica trademark refers to the value inherent in the purity of Iceland’s natural environment.



Water, alcohol, liquorice extract.

Alcohol content: 20%.


SVARTUR SOPRANO is available in the following packaging:

  • 1000 ml glass bottle. Product number 70 021 000. EAN 5 690869 107313
  • 500 ml plastic bottle.  Product number 70 020 500. EAN 5 690869 108310
  • 50 ml miniature (plastic). Product number 70 020 050. EAN 5 690869 103414


Directions for use:

Drink in moderation in the company of good friends.